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Looking Back At My First 100 Digital Product Sales

Posted on September 13, 2020

ChromeExtensionKit is a digital product I built that allows you to jump-start your Chrome extension projects with a variety of starter templates and to grow your audience with proven tips and actionable advice. Not only is it my first digital product, but I've also developed and grown it fully solo, so it's been a great learning experience. Just recently, I passed the 100th sale mark, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to look back at it.

The Launch

The kit was "officially" soft-launched around August 3, 2020 on IndieHackers.

Indie Hackers Post

As expected with the great IndieHackers community, the initial launch was helpful and I was able to get a lot of positive feedback and even a couple initial sales! The official Twitter page of IndieHackers also posted a tweet about it which lead to a couple sales.

Based on the first couple of days, I was able to spin up a new site design with all the integrated feedback I received and did a more concrete launch on August 9, 2020. This resulting site design is largely what's still in place today.

The Results

On September 10, 2020, roughly a month after launch, I surpassed 100 sales (103 to be exact).

Transactions Graph

Looking at the graph, you can see there were a couple of days where a big influx of sales occurred. The first one, on August 9th, resulted in 9 sales and largely came from a number of posts on Reddit. The second, on August 25th, resulted in 8 sales and came from the Product Hunt launch (a couple more trickled in relating to the launch as well the following day). Finally, on September 8th and 9th, 45 sales mostly came from making it to the front of HackerNews.

As you can probably tell, HackerNews is currently the largest source of sales, followed by Product Hunt. Here is the exact breakdown of source channels for these 103 transactions:

Transaction Breakdown Chart

A lot of the above channels are self-explanatory, however it's worth mentioning that the Newsletter channel came from a feature in React Statuscode newsletter and the Reddit channel came from posting in a couple of Chrome Extension related subreddits.

Current Numbers

As of the time of this writing (September 13, 2020), I am sitting at about 125 transactions in total. The breakdown of channels is roughly the same, with HackerNews gaining a bit more ground on the others.

I hope this was insightful in some way and I'll definitely be writing similar posts in the future as additional milestones are hit.

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